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Return to work car parking arrangements

Queen Mary Estates and Facilities have issued guidance regarding the return to work campus car parking arrangements [DOC 45KB] for staff. Please note that this is also available to PhD students - just bring your ID.

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During the post 2nd June 2020 return to campus roll-out, all ID card carrying members of Queen Mary staff will be entitled to park in campus car parks free of charge. The spaces made available and where necessary marked up with new lines for use to deliver this facility are as follows:

  • Mile End Campus 158 existing spaces 156 additional temporary spaces
  • Charterhouse Square 45 existing spaces 56 additional temporary spaces (grass to be protected)
  • Whitechapel Those needing parking should use Mile End parking facilities


The additional vehicles on Mile End and Charterhouse Square campuses represent a potential threat to safety and drivers are reminded of the need to give priority in all circumstances to pedestrians and to operate vehicles safely and in line with the speed limit which is 5 miles per hour. A one way circuit will be in operation from the outset at Charterhouse Square and may be introduced at Mile End if this is needed. Any breach of these requirements may result in parking rights being revoked.

Additional patrols will be undertaken to safeguard the additional vehicles parked on campuses and the lighting and CCTV cover has already been optimised to enhance security levels. The campuses are less open than normal with all non-essential gates being kept secure to deter undesirables from passing through undetected.

Access to Site

Mile End parking should be accessed via the Westfield Way through East Gate where the details of vehicles and drivers will be recorded by the officer on duty

Charterhouse Square parking should be accessed via the Clerkenwell Road Gate where the details of vehicles and drivers will be recorded by the officer on duty

Congestion Charge

Charterhouse Square staff are reminded that congestion charges may be reclaimed (using the normal QM expenses processes) during the period that additional parking arrangements are in place in relation to the return to campus. This entitlement will be reviewed monthly by HR.

Cycle Parking

The security of cycle parking facilities during this period where individuals may wish to avoid using public transport has also been enhanced with patrols briefed to pay extra attention as they are able. Individuals are requested to try and use a substantial and accredited security lock and park their cycle in one of the more visible official cycle parking facilities.



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