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Digital Environment Research Institute (DERI)

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Prof Cédric John’s Inaugural Lecture

Cédric  is Professor and Head of Data Science for the Environment and Sustainability, at the Digital Environment Research Institute (DERI) of Queen Mary University of London. The title of the lecture is Data-Driven Earth Sciences: My Journey from Fieldwork to Artificial Intelligence

Abstract: In an era where the Earth's climate faces unprecedented challenges — marked by escalating global temperatures, the rapid melting of polar ice, and the alarming rise in sea levels — geologists possess unique expertise to delve into the planet's distant past and decipher the ancient dynamics of climate change. Earth Scientists are also uniquely positioned to understand the complex dynamics of climate change, involving the atmosphere, the oceans, the Earth’s crust, and the biosphere. Concurrently, as we navigate a world grappling with fuel poverty and inequality, alongside a burgeoning demand for cleaner energy solutions, Earth Scientists find themselves at the forefront of another critical domain where they can make a significant contribution. In my inaugural lecture, I explore a multifaceted approach to this complex issue, employing diverse perspectives: from fieldwork investigations of sedimentary records to the reconstruction of past climates through the analysis of carbon and oxygen isotopic changes, and the application of both process-based and data-driven methods in Earth System Science. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of integrating these methodologies. Yet, the most transformative development in my career over the past decade has been the incorporation of data science and deep learning into Earth Sciences. I highlight some of the pioneering work in our field and present the research currently underway in my group.

I share my vision for future research at the Digital Environment Research Institute. I aim to outline the pivotal role that Data Science and AI can play in advancing our understanding of the environment and in propelling the sustainability agenda forward.

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