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Institute of Dentistry - Barts and The London

Dr Tomasz Janicki

NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow in Prosthodontics

Telephone: 020 7882 6065
Room Number: Office 2, Floor 4, Institute of Dentistry


Dr Janicki is currently an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow/ Speciality Registrar in Prosthodontics at the Centre of Oral Bioengineering at the Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, QMUL He has joined the speciality-training pathway in 2017.

Prior to this, he completed his PhD on air-abrasion and biomaterials application at the Pomeranian Medical University (Szczecin) in Poland. This was followed by a stint as a part-time Clinical Lecturer in the Restorative dentistry department involved in undergraduate clinical teaching and supervision of Master projects at Queen Mary University of London.

In addition, he has educational qualifications and received accreditation as a Fellow of the Advance Higher Education in the UK.

Centre: Oral Bioengineering


Research Interests:

Dr Janicki has developed a research profile focusing on air-abrasion, air-polishing techniques, biomaterials, adhesives, bonding in prosthodontics. His most recent ACF research project was focused on strength of bonding glass-ceramic materials to adhesive resin cements.


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