Institute of Dentistry - Barts and The London

Professor Phil Taylor, BDS(Ncle), MGDS RCS (Eng), MSc (Lond), MRD RCS (Eng), FDS RCS (Edin), FHEA, FFDT (Edin)


Professor of Prosthodontics, Honorary Consultant in Restorative Dentistry with Barts Health NHS Trust

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7882 8619
Room Number: Office 12, Floor 4, Institute of Dentistry


Professional Background:

  • Qualified BDS Newcastle upon Tyne in 1981
  • Twelve years in NHS general dental practice as an associate, a principal and a VT Trainer.
  • Honorary Consultant at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry since 2003 in Restorative Dentistry and also registered Specialist in Restorative Dentistry & in Prosthodontics
  • Clinical Director Dentistry Barts Health NHS Trust for Dentistry and OMFS
  • Professor of Prosthodontics QMUL
  • Network Director for Dentistry and OMFS Barts Health NHS Trust
  • Regional Advisor for Dentistry  (N Thames Region ) RCS Edinburgh
  • Course Director for the Masters in Clinical Dentistry Prosthodontics which is a recognised training course for the monospecialty of Prosthodontics
  • Educational supervisor for specialist training in Prosthodontics Barts and The London
  • Council Member of the RCS Edinburgh Faculty of Dental Surgery

Clinical Interests:

  • Fixed and removable prosthodontics (crowns , bridges, implants, dentures)
  • Quality of performance, success and failure.
  • Patients with eating disorders.


have been teaching at university level for over 30 years at undergraduate and postgraduate level. 

I currently teach the Postgraduate Prosthodontics students both on clinic and in seminars. 

I hold the Fellowship of the Higher Education Authority and am a Fellow of the Faculty of Dental Trainers of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. 

I have extensive experience as an examiner at undergraduate and postgraduate levels for both University and Royal College examinations.



Research Interests:

Current Research interests are in the field of Tribology and particularly wear of tooth structure and dental materials.

Working closely with imaging to investigate accurate recording of surface topography and its modification during function.

Interests specifically with eating disorders and progression of acid dissolution and the psychology of tooth repair and reconstruction in the whole process of managing these patients to recovery. Represented Dentistry on the NICE guidelines committee for Eating Disorders 2016.


Ezawi A.A.E., Gillam D.G., Taylor P.D. The Impact of Removal Partial Dentures on the oral tissues: A systematic review   EJPRD 2016 (in Press) 

Taylor P.D., Georgakis G., Niggli J. An investigation into the integrity of fit of provisional crowns using current proprietary temporary crown materials. EJPRD 2016 (Accepted for publication)

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Msc Projects Supervised 

  1. An investigation into discrepancies introduced during the impression and model production stage of constructing three-unit implant superstructure using the Estheticone System Ad Modum P-I Brånemark (1994)
  2. Abrasion of acrylic during toothbrushing: the effect of different cleansers (1998)
  3. Assessment of In Vitro enamel erosion caused by different drinks using the Electrical Caries Monitor (ECM) (1998)
  4. An investigation into vertical and horizontal mounting discrepancies that may occur during continuous removal and replacement of a commercially manufactured split cast mounting system on a Denar articulator (2002)
  5. An investigation into the strength of laser welded cobalt chromium joints using combinations of various metals (2003)
  6. An Investigation into novel methods of maintaining marginal confluence during the placement of plastic restorations (2004)
  7. An investigation into the effects of a proprietary disinfectant on impression materials (2006)
  8. An investigation into the integrity of fit of provisional crowns made over a dental implant analogue using two current proprietary temporary crown materials with refined margins compared to a proprietary snap on temporary core. (2007)
  9. An investigation into the accuracy of two currently available dental impression materials in the construction of chromium cobalt frameworks for removable partial dentures (2007)
  10. An investigation into the accuracy of fit of a new CAD CAM produced crown compared to its older generation. (2008)
  11. An investigation into the accuracy of fit of an implant retained bar using shore hardness D impression materials (2008)
  12. An investigation into the accuracy of three methods of denture copying (2009)
  13. Assessment of post orthodontic occlusions from a prosthodontic perspective. (2010)
  14. An overview on the effects of 10% and 15% Carbamide Peroxide and its relationship to dentine sensitivity (2011)
  15. An investigation into the accuracy of two polyvinylsiloxane jaw registration materials at different occlusal vertical dimensions (2012)
  16. A comparison of alginate impressions made in stock impression trays supported by two different consistencies of wax. (2013)
  17. A comparison of the accuracy of casts made from alginate impressions in stock trays supported by two different consistencies of wax (2014)
  18. A Comparative Study of the Master Cast Accuracy of the Pick-up and Snap-on Impression Techniques for Implants with Different Angulations (2015)
  19. Patients’ satisfaction and quality of life assessment when wearing different Dentures - a pilot study. (2016/7) REC REFERENCE: 17/LO/0518 IRAS PROJECT ID: 20695


Opportunities available in Toothwear research.