Institute of Dentistry - Barts and The London

Dr Lesley Bergmeier, PhD CBiol, MRSB, PGCAP, FHEA


Reader in Oral Immunology, Course Lead for Experimental Oral Pathology

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7882 8654
Room Number: Blizard Building


Dr Bergmeier was appointed non-clinical Senior Lecturer in Applied Mucosal Immunology in the Centre for Clinical and Diagnostic Oral Sciences in 2006. Prior to this she held an appointment as Lecturer in Applied Mucosal Immunology at the Dental Institute of King's College London. Dr Bergmeier carried out her PhD studies on the devlopment of novel vaccines for HIV/SIV. She has published extensively in the immunology field (more than 65 peer reviewed papers). She is a reviewer for several journals including Immunology, Clinical and Experimental Immunology  and Vaccine and has reviewed  several grants for both the MRC and the Canadian Foundation for Inovation. Dr Bergmeier is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has considerable experience in teaching both undergraduate and post graduatesand was awarded the Drapers Prize for Excellence in Teaching in 2012. She is course organizer for the MSc in Experimental Oral pathology (Oral Sciences) and has developed the course to include an interactive Journal club and Practical Portfolio in support of the experimental research project module. She also contributes Immunology teaching to the Diploma in Dental Clinical Sciences and Oral Biology MSc and teaches an Immunology module to 2nd year BDS students and an introduction to Immunology to 1st year BDS. She currently supervises 2 PhD students. Of the MSc students she has supervised  more than half have achieved either distinction or merit.


Research Interests:

Dr Bergmeiers' research is positioned within the Immune and Inflammatory Disease research group and within the programmes of Mucosal Biology.

Dr Bergmeiers' career has been spent entirely in the field of Mucosal Immunology, initially in the field of dental caries and later in the development of vaccine candidates against HIV and SIV with special reference to vaccine applied to the mucosal immune system. The SIV work expanded to investigate the innate and cognate responses to a novel adjuvant- Heat shock protein (HSP) - in relation to viral proteins and the HIV co-receptor CCR5.

Investigation of the properties of HSP has also evolved into studies of their involvement in Behçet's and Crohn's disease. These studies have been presented both nationally and internationally.

Her current research focuses on understanding the role of heat shock proteins as chaperokines in health and oral mucosal diseases including Behcet's Disease, Sjögrens Syndrome and Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis.

Dr Bergmeier was instrumental in initiating investigations into the expression of Suppressor of Cytokine Signalling (SOCS) in Behcet's disease as a PhD project in 2009. Areas of research include the interface between innate and adaptive immunity and the cross talk between the mucosal and systemic compartments.

Current projects include the investigation of the control of pro-inflammatory cytokine induction and the investigation of auto-immune and auto-inflammatory aspects of oral disease and how the homeostasis of the oral cavity influences systemic disease.

Dr Bergmeier has published over 65 peer reviewed papers and additionally has written several reviews, book chapters and conference proceedings. She been an invited speaker both internationally and nationally and has recently chaired a workshop on Heat Shock Proteins in health and disease.


Key Publications

1: Ryan PL, Sumaria N, Holland CJ, Bradford CM, Izotova N, Grandjean CL, Jawad
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