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Degree Apprenticeships - An introduction for applicants, guardians & teachers

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The journey into higher education and employment is one of the most exciting in a young person’s life, but the process is not without uncertainty. With rigorous recruitment and selection procedures, exam pressures and the prospect of leaving home, this can be a demanding time for you and your child.

Is a Degree Apprenticeship right for my child?

In a climate of rising fees and debts, it’s natural to question whether university is worth the expense.

Degree Apprenticeships are a fee-free alternative, allowing your child to study at Queen Mary towards a full undergraduate or postgraduate degree, taking on zero debt and gaining up to four years’ work experience, all while earning a competitive salary.

A Degree Apprenticeship at Queen Mary therefore provides the opportunity to combine high-quality campus-based learning with industry experience and work-based assessment.


Which employer is right for my child?

As one of the world’s leading international universities, Queen Mary is partnered with a wide range of employers across a number of sectors.

Whether your child opts to apply for a Degree Apprenticeship with one of our larger multinational enterprises or with one of our more smaller local companies, the quality of their teaching and learning experience remains the same.

At Queen Mary we accord the utmost importance to student welfare and through regular meetings with pastoral and academic colleagues we ensure that our Degree Apprentices are on track to achieve their degree qualification regardless of the support structure instituted by employers. 


Which course/ university is right for my child?

There are around 130 universities in the United Kingdom, each providing a unique social and academic experience. With over 30 Degree Apprenticeship courses on offer and with thousands of employers to choose from, selecting the right one can be daunting and there are many things for your son or daughter to consider.

Resources are plentiful and most are freely available to your child during the application process. From league tables, websites and articles to forums and testimonials, there are lots of ways for your son or daughter to narrow down their Degree Apprenticeship preferences. First-hand experience is also vital, with open days, taster courses and Degree Apprenticeship conventions all providing a valuable insight into university and working life.