Guidance for students

Updated: 24 March 2021

The Advice and Counselling Service has published information for students that cannot or do not want to travel to the UK before the latest date listed on their CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies).

They have also published information on eligibility for the new Graduate ('Post Study Work') route if you start your course outside the UK.

As UK and international travel restrictions have continued, the university's Immigration Compliance Team will update your latest arrival date on your CAS to 8 October 2021 or the expected end date of your programme (whichever is sooner) if the following conditions are met:

  • you are a taught undergraduate or postgraduate student; and
  • you have a CAS which has not expired (if not used, CASs expire six months after they are issued); and
  • we do not have evidence that you have travelled to the UK or are in the UK already; and
  • the latest arrival date on your CAS is not already 20 September 2021 or later.

If you meet the conditions above, you do not need to do anything. Your CAS will be updated, and you will receive an e-mail over the next few weeks confirming when this has been done.

If you have already been granted a visa, but you need to arrive after the valid until date on the immigration sticker in your passport, you do not need to apply for a new visa, but you will need to apply for a replacement immigration sticker. You should include a copy of this e-mail with your application for a replacement immigration sticker.

Despite any extended deadline on your CAS, if there are any professional, statutory or regulatory body requirements which can only be satisfied by being in the UK by a certain date, you may have to interrupt your studies if you are not able to travel to the UK in time. Your School or Institute will advise you of any such requirements. If you must interrupt, we will withdraw sponsorship of your immigration permission and you will need to apply for a new CAS and new immigration permission to travel to the UK, shortly before you are due to resume your studies.

If you are a research student (PhD, MD(Res), DClinDent, or MPhil) please discuss and agree your plans with your supervisor and ask them to contact the Research Degrees Office and Immigration Compliance Team, who will then update your CAS.

Please refer to the advice on visa vignette replacement provided by our Advice and Counselling Service.

The UK Government have now confirmed that EU, other EEA and Swiss nationals will no longer be eligible for home fee status, undergraduate, postgraduate and advanced learner financial support from Student Finance England for courses starting in academic year 2021/22. For more information visit our fee status assessment page.

The qualification you will receive at the end of your studies will be the same, whether you study face-to-face or by partial blended learning. 

Many countries are making concessions around partial online delivery of teaching in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Please visit the Global Engagement Office channel to speak with one of our Regional Managers about the situation in your country. 

If you are concerned that you may not be able to travel to join us at the beginning of term, please contact residential services.

If you can’t travel, we will make sure you can fully access your education from wherever you are and will look forward to welcoming you in person as soon as your local restrictions are lifted.

To enable this, from September 2020 to January 2021, we will be offering an inclusive blended learning approach, which has been co-created with our current students.

Blended learning is a mix of campus-based study and distance (online) learning. We will offer world-class online provision, supplemented by face-to-face campus-based educational activities for those who are able to travel to our campuses.

For more details, please see our 2020 student experience page.

No, there is no suggestion that the pandemic will have any impact on the proposed introduction of the Graduate Route in the summer of 2021. For more information, see our page on the Advice and Counselling website.

You should continue to follow the guidance from your host institution. If you have any questions please contact

For advice on the impact of Covid-19 on travel and immigration, our guidance page is regularly updated.

If you have concerns about your own immigration status in the UK, or that of a family member, please contact the Advice and Counselling Service for confidential advice.

If you are a member of staff affected by the outbreak and you have concerns about your immigration status, please contact Human Resources.

MBBS Malta applicants and offer holders can find further information here.

Current MBBS Malta students are encouraged to contact the Student Office should they have any questions.

We worked hard to put all our education online within a three week period, so that students could engage with their studies from home. We are listening to students’ feedback on their learning experience, making improvements, and ensuring that all content is covered and suitable alternative learning approaches are offered wherever possible.

In addition, all other student facilities covered by tuition fees, such as library and wellbeing services, are available online. For these reasons, in line with other universities, we do not believe any refund is appropriate.

We appreciate that for many students, engaging with studies from home can be challenging. Queen Mary is there to support you, through your School/Institute and our wellbeing services.

IT Services has launched a new appsanywhere service that lets you access Queen Mary applications and specialist software (such as Chem3D, Maple and Solidworks) on your own device and from any location with a secure, reliable network connection.

The appsanywhere service is commonly referred to as VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) access and offers a single, consolidated digital workspace, with access to specialist apps that run securely in the data centre.

Visit the IT Services website for details on how to access appsanywhere and for the full list of available apps. If you can’t find an app that you need, please discuss and raise a request with your course tutor. 

If your question is related to the impact of coronavirus on your immigration permission or application, please see our Covid-19 and immigration page, which will be updated as the situation develops.  

If you have a general question about applying for student immigration permission, please see our detailed guidance 

If you have further questions after reading through the guidance, you can contact Advice and Counselling directly 

Welfare Advisers in Advice and Counselling are the only members of staff at Queen Mary who are authorised to provide immigration advice to students.

Please see our guidance for EU/EEA nationals which will be updated as required.

For more information about student travel, see this page.