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Centre for Law and Society in a Global Context

Staff members

The Centre for Law and Society in a Global Context (CLSGC) is composed of staff and research students of the Department of Law, Queen Mary University of London, whose research falls within the broad ambit of the Centre’s interests. All members of staff are invited to become members of the Centre. The only criterion is the staff member’s interest in the broad areas of research falling within the ambit of the Centre.

Staff members

Research Student Members

  • Adela Halo (Law/History)
    Adela holds the CLSGC Strategic Studentship for her doctoral studies. Adela is supervised by Professor Gareth Stedman Jones and Dr Maks Del Mar.
  • Daniel Hogers
    Daniel is supervised by Professor Merris Amos and Dr Isobel Roele.
  • Santiago Wortman Jofre
    Santiago is supervised by Professor Valsamis Mitsilegas and Dr Saskia Hufnagel.

Global Law Professors

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