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CiTI: a Centre for Inflammation and Therapeutic Innovation

Target Identification and Therapeutic Exploitation

A unique aspect of the CiTI team is to harness opportunities for therapeutic innovation, exploiting the inter-disciplinary nature of the Centre.

 Prof Yaqoob runs the Nephrology and Transplant Medicine Research Group. His lab is interested in the pathophysiology and novel therapeutic strategies (preclinical and clinical) in the context of kidney diseases, addressing the impact of uraemia (for example) on other organs like the heart and liver. His team is also interested in determining the genetic factors linked to the long-term outcomes of renal transplants as well as is defining the molecular mechanisms of erythropoietin resistance. Prof Yaqoob and Prof Thiemermann are Director and Deputy Director respectively, of the recently established Diabetic Kidney Centre which focuses on the much ignored aspects of inflammation in diabetic nephropathy.

Dr Bombardieri leads the Immuno-Rheumatology Research team. His major research interests focus on the elucidation of the cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating autoreactive B cell activation, breach of self-tolerance and perpetuation of autoimmunity in Sjogren’s syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, he aims to identify new therapeutic targets and novel biomarkers in order to develop early phase clinical trials based on patients’ stratification and target validation in Sjogren’s syndrome and inflammatory arthritis. He is currently PI for QMUL of two grants in the CiTI portfolio, 1) an Arthritis Research UK PhD Scholarship to elucidate the antigenic specificities of lesional B cells undergoing lymphoma transformation in Sjogren’s syndrome and 2) the HarmonicSS project, recently funded for €10M as part of the EU Horizon2020 call, to create harmonised cohorts of patients with Sjogren’s syndrome including clinical and laboratory data in order to progress therapeutic innovation, biomarker discovery and patients stratification.

Prof Pearse leads the Critical Care and Perioperative Medicine research group. His research is centred around improving healthcare and the long-term outlook for seriously ill patients as well as those undergoing complex or major surgery, in an effort to improve short-term survival as well as long-term health. He also plays a leading role in many large multi-centre studies including ISOS, PRISM and EPOCH.

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