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Dr Matthieu Burnay


School of Law


Dr Matthieu Burnay is a Lecturer in Global Law at Queen Mary University of London. He has an interdisciplinary background in law, political science and history. He holds a PhD in Law from the University of Leuven and a Double MSc degree in International Affairs from Peking University and the London School of Economics. At Queen Mary, Dr Burnay teaches the undergraduate courses: Law and Globalisation, Chinese Law and Institutions, and Global Law and Governance. He also serves as Academic Coordinator for the LLB programme in Global Law and Academic Coordinator for the Association of Transnational Law Schools (ATLAS). He is also a Visiting Professor at Beijing Normal University (PRC) and an Associate Fellow at the Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies (Belgium). He has been consulted on China-related issues by the European Parliament, the European Council, the EU Committee of the Regions, and the Belgian Ministry of Justice. In 2014, he received a Scientific Prize Gustave Boël - Sofina Fellowship from the King Baudouin Foundation.

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Research Interests:

My main research interests are in global law and governance; the study of the political and legal aspects of EU-China relations in global governance; as well as the comparative study of the rule of law in Europe and Asia. I am particularly interested in the relationship between international law and Chinese law in the areas of international security and trade governance. My recent works include Chinese Perspectives on the Rule of Law and the International Rule of Law: Law and Politics in the One-Party State (Edward Elgar, to be published 2018) and a co-edited volume on China, the European Union, and the Developing World (Edward Elgar, 2015).

Key research areas:

  • EU-China relations in global governance
  • Comparative rule of law
  • Global law


Matthieu Burnay, Chinese Perspectives on the International Rule of Law: Law and Politics in the One-Party State, Edward Elgar, forthcoming 2018.

Matthieu Burnay, Kolja Raube and Jan Wouters (eds), Special Issue on ‘The Rule of Law as a Strategic Priority in EU External Action’, Asia-Europe Journal, Volume 14, Issue 1, March 2016.

Jan Wouters, Jean-Christophe Defraigne and Matthieu Burnay (eds), China, the European Union and the Developing World: A Triangular Relationship, Edward Elgar, 2015, 529 pp.

Matthieu Burnay and Jan Wouters, ‘The EU and China in the WTO: What Contribution to the International Rule of Law? – Reflections in Light of the Raw Materials and Rare Earths Disputes’ in Jianwei Wang and Weiqing Song (eds), China, the European Union, and International Politics of Global Governance, Palgrave MacMillan, 2016.

Matthieu Burnay, Kolja Raube and Jan Wouters, ‘China's Foreign Policy and External Relations’, Study for the European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee, 2015.

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