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Centre for European Research

Engaging Through Film

30 May 2018

Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm

As part of QMUL Centre for Public Engagement’s 'Engaging topics' series, academics across the College will take part in an informal discussion of how film can be used to engage audiences in a variety of ways.

Hear from three projects, including one by Dr Sarah Wolff, who have used film in different ways to engage audiences, followed by an informal discussion about how film can be used for your projects.



Sarah Wolff, School of Politics and International Relations and Centre for European Research
Sarah Wolff was given a small grant to travel to Calais to create a documentary in collaboration with migrants. This is linked to her research on EU migration and border control policies. Instead of approaching migrants as passive agents, victims of traffickers, the documentary shows that they play an active role in shaping and contesting policies.

Martin Archer, School of Physics and Astronomy
SSFX challenged independent filmmakers to incorporate sounds from space, studied by Queen Mary physicists, into creative short films. A special film festival attended by a majority non-science audience screened selected films, heard from the filmmakers and discussed the research. The films are now being shown across the UK.

Gioia Mosler, Centre for Genomics and Child Health
The My Asthma is Schools programme uses film communicate complex behavioural messages about asthma in an engaging manor. The film 'GP consultation' is used as an interactive element within the asthma self-management workshops for teenagers.The film is used to raise awareness about the importance of effective communication during a health consultation. Young people take the role of the GP during the screening and take notes about the patient.


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