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Transnational Commercial Law Review

The Transnational Commercial Law Review (ISSN 2515-3838) is an online fully open access peer-reviewed journal with a distinguished editorial board. It is an in-house publication of the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) and dedicated to publishing academic research and commentary of the highest quality in terms of originality and rigour.

Submissions to the Review are by invitation only and no unsolicited submissions will be considered. It will publish research outputs linked with the academic programme of the Institute of Transnational Commercial Law recently established by CCLS in partnership with Unidroit, including the Transnational Commercial Law Lecture Series which will showcase research by eminent researchers in this field, as well as the most high-quality contributions to the CCLS’s New Voices in Commercial Law Seminar Series.

Papers that have been peer reviewed, finalised and accepted for publication will be published online immediately the formatting process is complete. All of the periodical’s content will be freely available to the general public online immediately after publication, making it a Platinum open access model journal for Research Excellence Framework purposes. The Review boasts a prestigious editorial board and the support of many public and private organisations engaged internationally in the field of business and commerce.

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