Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Academic programme

QMUL Unidroit Launch panelLecture Series

In September 2017 a series of lectures on transnational commercial law was launched with an inaugural lecture by the President of UNIDROIT Professor Alberto Mazzoni. Eminent academic researchers in the field of transnational commercial law will be invited to present a piece of unpublished research in a lecture to be given at CCLS. A series of these lectures will be held annually.

Research Seminar Series

In addition to the Lecture Series, the Institute runs a bespoke series of research seminars. That series was launched in 2013 under the name New Voices in Commercial Law and has been running every year since. The series aims to provide a forum of debate and an opportunity for early and mid-career academics with outstanding potential to communicate their research work in progress in an intellectually stimulating and supportive environment. The seminars are primarily based in London, but seminars have also been held in Paris (Paris LLM) and in Singapore (SMU collaboration).

Transnational Commercial Law Review

The papers presented will be peer reviewed, finalised and published in an annual periodical called the Transnational Commercial Law Review. This will be a fully open access peer-reviewed online publication the purpose of which will be to disseminate research presented in the lecture series.

The review will also publish the best two previously unpublished papers presented in the same year on the subject of transnational commercial law.

Find out more about the TCLR.

Conference and Roundtable Discussions

In April 2018, the Institute organised a conference in partnership with the Oxford Commercial Law Centre on the subject of Development Finance in Emerging Markets: Challenges, Innovations and Results. The conference took place in the Blavatnik School of Government in Oxford on 13-15 April 2018, and attracted many prestigious speakers from academia, private practice, industry, government and international and non-governmental organisations. Similar events will be organised in the future.

From 2020 the Institute will organise a series of Roundtable Discussions on current issues in international harmonisation of commercial law and transnational best practices and standards. These discussions will consist of small groups of participants from subscribing institutions.

Transnational Commercial Law Teachers Meeting and Conference

In the last quarter of 2019 we will be hosting the Transnational Commercial Law Teachers Meeting and Conference. The theme of the conference will be Transnational Commercial Custom and the Law. The conference will take place over two days in London and will consist of six panels. The idea is to explore how written law and unwritten norms that guide behaviour in commercial spheres interface with each other and the effect on this exchange of features of the modern business context, including the use of technology.