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As a new, dedicated London based Institute, with a focus on energy transactions, trade, law, regulation and governance, dispute resolution and conflict management, ELI’s research will engage with regulators, governments, business and practice. Its aim is to facilitate the coherent development of energy law, regulation and governance.

We are already very research active and have a number of collaborations going with several the universities and with the EU Commission, the UK electricity regulator and UK research councils.

Research is on-going on a number of topics:

  • Energy Law for New Energy Technologies
    This research is part of a European Union Horizon 2020 grant with project partners in the Norway, the UK, the Netherlands and Germany.
  • The Future of Energy Law
    The focus of this research project explores the future direction of energy law at international, national and local levels.
  • Liability in the Energy Sector
    This is part of on-going work related to liability for existing and new energy technology and also for nuclear energy which is research being completed with engineers.
  • Comparative Law and Fracking
    This is a comparative law project examining fracking in different jurisdictions.
  • Energy Justice
    We examine issues in relation to the application of the principles of justice in the energy value chain and for different energy sources. Legal issues from mining to electricity markets to the management of energy waste are considered.

PhD projects

  • Ms Norah Gallagher

ELI Publications Academic Year 2015-2016

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Opinion Pieces


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