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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Sovereign Debt Forum Launch

21 October 2019

Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm
Venue: International Monetary Fund, Cedar Hall

Low and middle-income countries around the world are facing another wave of acute debt distress. For some, it brings the latest in a long string of debt crises. For others, it threatens nascent market access. New actors and new forms of lending complicate creditor coordination and debt workout strategies. Countries across the national income spectrum are struggling to adjust to the new legal and institutional landscape. Opaque debt structures and outdated disclosure regimes compound the challenge.

The Sovereign Debt Forum is a collaboration among Georgetown’s Institute of International Economic Law, Queen Mary University of London, and Duke Law schools. The Forum’s mission is to help improve sovereign debt management drawing on innovative interdisciplinary legal research. The Forum will serve as a research hub and a platform for research dissemination and capacity-building programs. The Forum’s work will focus on the unmet needs of low and middle-income countries at risk of sovereign debt distress, as well as countries that have recently gained market access and have limited debt management experience.

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