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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

International Arbitration Award Writing - Award Writing Exam

29 May 2015

Time: 9:00am

The International Arbitration Award Writing module provides the requisite knowledge of and practice in all the requirement of writing a final, reasoned and enforceable Award in an international commercial dispute. 

The module provides an excellent opportunity for students to revise questions relating to arbitration awards, their legal regulation and their effect. Five weeks before the optional seminar students will be sent a reading list as well as a set of reading materials focusing on arbitration awards, their characteristics, functions and drafting. It will consist of one full day of teaching and learning by way of a seminar (typically a Friday).

At the optional seminar students will be given the first set of materials relating to an arbitration cases; these will normally cover all information but the hearing. Candidates will be required to start working on the awards by drafting summary of facts, summary of parties’ positions, claims, etc. Two weeks after the optional seminar students will be sent a second set of materials (typically the information relating to the hearing) and they will have twenty-four (24) hours to complete their award. Awards should be no less than 5,000 words and presented in a format that it is suitable for international arbitration award. Relevant instructions will be conveyed by the way of reading and the seminar.

Read more about the International Award Writing module.

If you are unable to attend the seminar, documents can be emailed to students.

2015 Timetable

  • 29 May – Distribution of reading lists and set of reading materials will be emailed
  • 03 July 10.30am – 4.30pm:
    • optional seminar  plus lunch
    • first part of award writing exam will be emailed at 10am (or given at the seminar to those attending)
  • 21 July – Second part of award writing exam will be emailed at 10am to all students
  • 22 July – Final awards to be returned

The Award Writing Exam will be offered again in Autumn 2015. This will be the exam only without the seminar.

Important Information

  • Assessment will be by a written report (i.e. a Final Arbitral Award)
  • The pass mark is 70% (as required by the CIArb)
  • Minimum 5000 words
  • Minimum enrolment: Five students; course may be taken by LLM, Diploma, Distance Learning students or practising lawyers

Who Can Apply?

This module is compulsory for students undertaking the Postgraduate Diploma International Dispute Resolution or Postgraduate Diploma International Commercial Arbitration (Distance Learning) at Queen Mary University of London. It is also open to LLM students at Queen Mary University of London as well as outside participants.

LLM students and external candidates, please note the following information concerning the Chartered Institute of Arbitration:

  • CIArb's RCP approval runs for three years so from January 2012 until January 2015 any candidate who passed the LLM in those three years would be exempt.
  • Any candidate who registered on the course before January 2015 would also be allowed exemption.
  • This same rule would apply to deferrals – if they came back within the three years (Jan 2012-Jan 2015) to continue the course then CIArb would offer exemption.
  • If they come back to the course after January 2015 they will not be exempt.
  • CIArb will not offer exemption to anyone who registered outside of these three years as their syllabus and assessment has changed dramatically since then.

How to Book

External applicants and Queen Mary University of London LLM students should book online. Current QMUL Diploma students do not need to book as attendance is included in their programme.


  • Standard fee (seminar and exam) - £675
  • QM Students and Alumni (seminar and exam) - £550
  • Standard fee (exam only) - £425
  • QM Students and Alumni (exam only) - £300
  • Standard fee (seminar only) - £300
  • QM Students and Alumni (seminar only) - £275


For more information, please contact

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