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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

IELR 3.2: Copyright protection of video games in the post-Brexit world

When: Wednesday, March 3, 2021, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Where: Online

In the next instalment of the online IELR series, we will dive into the unfamiliar universe of post-Brexit and chart the trajectory of copyright protection for video games in the UK in this next era. Jon us on the 3rd March at 5pm UK time.

Our guides on this journey will be Nick Kempton from Osborne Clarke ('Interaction of EU and UK copyright in a post-Brexit world: will video games get more protection than they bargain for?'), Professor Uma Suthersanen (Global intellectual property law, CCLS) and Professor Eleonora Rosati (Intellectual property law, Stockholm University). The event will be hosted by Dr Yin Harn Lee.

Interactive Entertainment Law Review (IELR) serves as a peer-reviewed hub for legal analysis of interactive entertainment, video games, virtual/augmented/mixed realities, social media, and all related and emergent forms of digital interactive entertainment. The journal is published twice a year with articles focusing on the legal changes, challenges and controversies in this high profile and increasingly critical area of legal inquiry. Contributions from academic, industry and legal practitioners are sought and welcomed.

Please register above and you will be sent a Zoom link to access the event the day before it takes place.

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