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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

China Chapter Webinar

China webinar

The CCLS China Chapter held a webinar on 'Regulatory Changes regarding Cross-border M&A and International Investments after the Pandemic on 24th May 2021. This was a succesful event attended by alumni and legal professionals.

Zhirou Li (Regulation and Compliance MA, 2019; Law and Economics LLM, 2020) shared: 'It was an absolute pleasure to have Professor Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal and Professor Ioannis Kokkoris with us at the event. I know many of us have been looking forward to it for long. The presentations were insightful and inspiring, I felt like I was back in the Lecture Theatre again. Also, a big thank you to Professor Ian Walden and Dr Bernard Schneider for their heart-warming welcome speech and concluding remarks. We look forward to meeting them in China again in the near future.'

The recording of the Webinar is available to watch online, please access it via this link.

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