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Sanjay Ravi and Srisai Rajesh Vaishnav Potnuri launch The Legal Buddy

Sanjay Ravi (Laws LLM 2022) and Srisai Rajesh Vaishnav Potnuri (Intellectual Property Law LLM 2022)


Srisai Rajesh Vaishnav Potnuri left, and Sanjay Ravi, right. 

After graduating together in 2022, Sanjay and Srisai launched The Legal Buddy. Below, they outline their journey and the aims of the project.

We both completed our LLM at Queen Mary in September 2022. During our time at qLegal, we were extremely fortunate to be a part of the Legal Bridge Project, which gave us a valuable opportunity to apply our legal education to a project which encouraged an innovation-centric approach to problem solving. As part of the project, we were able to interact with numerous individuals from creative industries, who told us about their problems with respect to accessing legal information. Using design thinking tools, we developed a prototype tool aimed at bridging the gap between lawyers and artists,  

We took away numerous learnings from this wonderful project, and it was important for us to ensure that we channeled these learnings into something which could help people. The Legal Buddy is the beginning of what we hope will be a long journey towards making legal information more accessible for individuals. We aim to harness the significant potential of Artificial Intelligence to simplify legal information and demystify complex legal jargon.  

At The Legal Buddy, we aim to use the expertise derived from our legal education and experience to simplify legal information within the legal services market, by using AI powered tools. We have identified an information gap in the legal services market, and we strongly believe that our legal acumen combined with the power of AI will help bridge this gap, thereby creating immense benefit for the consumers and providers of legal services. Over the past three months, we have simplified legal information for numerous users on our website.  

We have identified two significant problems which we aim to solve, namely a lack of accessibility for users of legal information, and an involuntarily inefficient allocation of resources by organizations within the legal services market. We strongly believe that with the necessary resources, we will build an AI enabled SaaS platform which will make a significant impact towards solving both of these problems.  

As a first step in our journey towards solving the problem of legal accessibility, we were extremely proud to receive funding from the Queen Mary Enterprise Team, as part of the ‘Try it Award’. Studying at Queen Mary has played a vital role in giving us the belief and confidence in ourselves to make a concerted effort towards turning an idea we are passionate about into an entrepreneurial venture, and it is thereby fitting that our first external source of validation comes from Queen Mary.  

We thank this wonderful institution and the various peers who have helped us and will continue to help us on this journey, and we would love to meet any Queen Mary Alumni who identify with the work we are doing.  



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