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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Ali Alrashdan has published two books on mediation and is rated among the top 20 judges in Jordan

Ali Alrashdan (Commercial and Corporate Law LLM, 2011)


Ali Alrashdan (Commercial and Corporate Law LLM, 2011) wrote in to share some updates about his personal and professional journey since graduating from Queen Mary University of London. He shares:

I am proud to have further developed my expertise in the field of law by obtaining a DipHE degree in high judicial studies from the Judicial Institute of Jordan. I have also demonstrated my passion and dedication to the field by publishing two books on mediation:

"Mediation for Solving Civil Disputes: General Provisions, Legal Regulation, Legislative Framework" which was published by Al-Halabi Publishers, Beirut, Lebanon in 2019. This book is a comparative study between French, Jordanian, Algerian, and Moroccan laws. "Mediation for Solving Disputes: Between Theory and Practice" which was published by Al-Yazouri Publishers, Amman, Jordan in 2016. This book is a full review of the Jordanian Mediation Law.

I have also enjoyed a successful career as a former Judicial Assistant at the Judicial Mediation Centre from 2011 to 2014 and later, I was honoured by a royal will to serve as a judge in the criminal division since 2018. My hard work and commitment have been recognised, as I was rated among the top 20 excellent judges out of 1100 judges in my country Jordan in 2022, a testament to my professional excellence.



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