Centre for Commercial Law Studies

CCLS Chapters

Would you like to feel more connected with old friends, fellow alumni and Queen Mary whilst expanding your networks, and developing your skills and expertise? We are actively setting up Chapters to help facilitate this.

Chapters are social and/or professional networking groups organised by and for alumni. They help to bring alumni in a specific geographical area together to participate in local activities and events in a fun and friendly environment.

Aims and objectives of a Chapter:

  • To encourage alumni to network and participate in activities globally.
  • To establish mutually beneficial relationships between a Chapter and CCLS.
  • To bring together alumni from across the years to share their expertise and to connect everyone in the CCLS and wider Queen Mary community.
  • To create a network of alumni connecting CCLS, students and prospective students in the region or country to help recruit, attract and share knowledge.
  • To help enhance the profile and reputation of the Queen Mary brand in your local region.
  • To encourage alumni in your region or country to help with interesting updates and news for CCLS alumni communications such as newsletters.
  • To set up a network of Chapters all over the globe, wherever there is an interest for alumni to get together.

Existing CCLS Chapters:

CCLS Chapter: Please feel free to start up a conversation.

AFSIA Chapter: Join the conversation and get involved with the Alumni and Friends of the School of International Arbitration. Those who either studied arbitration or have an interest in it can join.
Further information about AFSIA can be found at http://www.arbitration.qmul.ac.uk/alumni/
You can also join the AFSIA Linkedin Group
If you have any questions about the AFSIA Group please contact ccls-afsia@qmul.ac.uk

CCLS LatAm Group: There is a Latin American Group, which you can join on LinkedIn.

Chapters that we are hoping to set up very soon are:

  • France
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • London

Interested in helping with a new Chapter?

We are keen to set up more Chapters. If you are interested in setting up a new Chapter or helping with an existing Chapter in your region or country, we would love to hear from you. 

Please complete the attached form. After submission, a member of the CCLS Alumni Team will be in touch with you to discuss your ideas and see how we can help you. 

What is needed to set up a Chapter?

We are looking for alumni who have qualities such as:

  • Enthusiasm and a commitment to help bring alumni together socially and professionally.
  • The time to commit to a manageable number of alumni activities.
  • Ability to motivate and engage alumni.
  • Dedication to ensure the Chapter remains sustainable for future alumni as part of this community.
  • Ideally we are looking for a small group of alumni to help in your local area with the organisation of finding a venue for meet ups, whether they are regular informal socials or more structured networking events.

How we will help with the Chapters

The CCLS Alumni Team will help promote your activities through our extensive network of over 13,000 alumni. We are dedicated to support you to ensure that alumni have a good experience and meet up with as many other alumni in your area as possible. 

To find out more please contact ccls-alumni@qmul.ac.uk