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Careers and Enterprise

The Student Consultancy Project

The Student Consultancy Project (SCP) places a diverse range of exceptional QMUL students into mini consultancy projects within businesses and charities. 

Why host a Student Consultancy Project? 

The benefits of hosting a project include:

  • Access to an additional resource for your organisation that will allow you to tackle problems that you may not have had the resources or time to work on in the past.
  • A limited time commitment as the students are trained and supported throughout their project by the QMUL Careers and Enterprise team.
  • The opportunity to benefit from the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm of high-achieving students from a world-class university.
  • The programme functions as a cost-effective means of trialling potential future employees. 71% of hosts said they would consider recruiting from their student team and some have gone on to offer students jobs.
  • It is a unique means for your organisation to make a positive impact on the prospects of young people.. 100% of students reported 6 months later that their project work had a lasting impact on their employability.


What is SCP?

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