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Careers and Enterprise

The Student Consultancy Project

The Student Consultancy Project (SCP) places a diverse range of exceptional QMUL students into mini consultancy projects within businesses and charities. 

Organisations are able to overcome business challenges whilst providing a meaningful opportunity for students to use their skills, fulfil their potential and develop their employability. Providing a team of students with a short project brief outlining the details of a particular business challenge. Past projects have involved researching and analysing information, looking into improvements around marketing and business development, product development, and reviewing policies and processes. The student consultants work on the project for a set amount of time, after which they present their findings and recommendations to the client in the form of a presentation and short written report. 

While conducting their projects the students receive:

  • Advice, training and support from their QMUL supervisor.
  • Project management and presentation skills training from the QMUL Careers and Enterprise team.
  • Recognition of the completion of the programme on their digital transcript, the Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR). An employment reference from their QMUL supervisor.

Contact Us

If you are interested in hosting The Student Consultancy Project, please email us

Who can host a Student Consultancy Project? 

Any UK/ International based business, charity, social enterprise or not-for-profit.

Why host a Student Consultancy Project? 

The benefits of hosting a project include:

  • Access to an additional resource for your organisation that will allow you to tackle problems that you may not have had the resources or time to work on in the past.
  • A limited time commitment as the students are trained and supported throughout their project by the QMUL Careers and Enterprise team.
  • The opportunity to benefit from the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm of high-achieving students from a world-class university.
  • The programme functions as a cost-effective means of trialling potential future employees. 71% of hosts said they would consider recruiting from their student team and some have gone on to offer students jobs.
  • It is a unique means for your organisation to make a positive impact on the prospects of young people.. 100% of students reported 6 months later that their project work had a lasting impact on their employability.

How much does it cost to host SCP students? 

Nothing – the SCP is free for all hosts.

What do host organisations need to provide? 

Your staff time - we ask that each consultancy project organisation allocate a key contact person to act as the host for their student team. A member of the Careers and Enterprise team will support the host to put together an appropriate project brief. We then ask the host to meet with their student team three times. This includes an initial set-up meeting, a mid-project check-in and a final meeting for the students to present their findings. The host will also be asked to be available (by email/phone) to respond to queries from their student team if needed.

What previous hosts say 

“[This programme] provided us with a highly professional team of students who delivered a tough brief to a challenging timetable. As a charity with limited resources, we would not have been able to undertake the same depth of work … I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

“The student consultants did a great job for us. They worked hard to get the depth of information we required and helped us frame the next stage of our work.”

“The student team … were bright, personable, and had plenty of initiative! They were incredibly helpful in helping define our marketing strategy.” 

“Very impressed with students' dedication, professionalism and quality of the work.”