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Terms and Conditions

Micro-internship host organisations have the following responsibilities:

  • Ensure the internship provided accurately reflects that which has been advertised to applicants.
  • Ensure the intern volunteers for no more than 40 hours in total. Any additional work will not be authorised by Queen Mary University of London, should be subject to national minimum wage legislation and should be agreed in writing between the intern and host organisation.
  • Ensure that flexibility is provided to the intern regarding which days and times they work each week, to accommodate study and paid work commitments.
  • Provide a designated line manager/supervisor for the intern. This person will provide a comprehensive introduction to the intern at the beginning of the project, will conduct at least one call with the intern per week throughout the project, and should be contactable by the intern if needed.
  • Provide any training needed for the intern to complete their designated project.
  • Provide any equipment needed for the intern to complete their designated project (with the exception of laptop and phone, which will be the responsibility of the intern).
  • Cover any additional costs required to complete the project, such as for DBS checks.
  • Ensure the internship project develops graduate-level skills and helps to solve a genuine problem for the host organisation, thus ensuring the intern has meaningful experience to add to their CV.
  • Have in place a suitable insurance policy to cover potential liability arising from the internship. This includes checking with the policy holder to ensure the policy covers the intern when working remotely.
  • Provide an appropriate workspace for the intern to complete their designated project (not applicable for remote internships).
  • Provide travel and lunch expenses (not applicable for remote internships).
  • Have in place a health and safety policy that ensures the office complies with government guidelines and is Covid-19 secure (not applicable for remote internships).
  • Ensure the micro-internship is only advertised to Queen Mary University of London students via the designated online portal, and not to external applicants.
  • Provide internship feedback to Queen Mary University of London Careers staff upon completion of the project, when requested.
  • Ensure that any intellectual property rights (IPR) created by the intern are wholly assigned to the host organisation, acknowledging that Queen Mary University of London is not liable for any claim, loss, injury, damage or costs arising from a failure by the organisation to obtain a valid assignment of any such intellectual property rights.
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