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Our Micro-Internship programme connects employers with a Queen Mary University of London intern, who will commit 40 hours of their time to a designated project.

What are the benefits?

  • Gain real insight and input by hiring a competitively selected intern with relevant skills
  • Help the next generation of your industry to secure valuable work experience
  • Use the opportunity to trial a potential future employee
  • Promote your business, its culture and its brand
  • Limited time commitment for hiring managers, thanks to training and support provided by Queen Mary Careers and Enterprise staff
  • All participating students have access to comprehensive training and support package from the university
  • No financial cost

How to get involved

To register your organisation on our system and to submit your micro internship project online please visit our Target Connect page. When submitting your project, please ensure it is added as a ‘Placement’ and not an ‘Opportunity’.

For further guidance on the registration process, take a look at our Guide to Submitting a Micro-Internship Programme Proposal [PDF 11,022KB]

Key Dates

28 November 2022 Micro internships project submissions close
31 January – 13 February 2023 Host conduct interviews and make offer/s
6 March 2023 Micro internships begin this week
3 April 2023 Micro internships end this week


What are micro internships?

Find out more about our micro internships programme.

Find out more

Terms and Conditions

Take a look at our terms and conditions for taking part in the programme.

Terms and Conditions

Get in touch with us

Email us with any questions you have about the programme

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