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Working during studies guide:

Working after studies guide:

UK Working After studies resources

UKCISA Working after studies:

List of Approved Tier 5 schemes:

Tier 5 intern

Access tier 5

List of licensed sponsors:

Code of Practice for skilled work:

Tier 1 Exceptional Talent or Promise:

Guide to give to employers on recruiting international students:

Practical tips for international postgrads looking for work in the UK

Global Job vacancy sites

Going Global: Lists over 1 million internships and jobs in countries across the world and information about professional networks and recruitment processes in each country.

QMJobsOnline: Our jobs board, where you can search by country as well as type of job role

EU Blue CardThe EU Blue Card Network gives you a means to work in an EU country.  You upload your CV on the EU blue card website for EU employers to look at.  If they like you they will get in touch. After interview if they decide to hire you they will also provide a work visa for their country.

J1 Visa: You can work in the USA over the summer an a part time job, internship or after graduation for up to 12 months via the J1 visa scheme.  Organisations such as Parenthese and Global Experiences offer this. 

Gradlink Africa / China / India / Malaysia: all the Gradlink sites contain country specific job hunting, a network of 300+ employers globally, success stories and job vacancies. You can build your CV online and upload it for employers to see.

Networking Opportunities

LinkedInAn online professional network. You can use the advanced search function on LinkedIn to find QM alumni who work in your country of interest and get in touch with them for an email, skype or phone conversation. You can use this to get tips on how to job search in that country and ask if they can connect you to anyone else in the sector of work you are applying to. Check our events calendar to see if there are any workshops on LinkedIn you can book into here.  Download our helpsheet on LinkedIn.

QMUL alumni networksSign up to the alumni networks to connect with alumni in other countries.  They are often willing to give advice and make introductions.

British Council Facebook group for updates on networking events here and in your home country for students who have studied in the UK.

Local social networks: Online social networks are increasingly good places to network with locals and employers and find out about jobs.  Find out what it used in your country of interest the most. You can read more about this here. Going Global lists professional networks for each country which run events you can attend and meet people.