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SBM Consult

Develop your employability skills and gain valuable work experience by consulting on a real project for Queen Mary, University of London.

Work together in a team of five using your creativity and problem solving skills to take on a consultancy challenge! Previous clients have been SBM Marketing & Recruitment, QMUL Estates & Facilities, Students’ Union with projects such as looking at the interiors of the new SBM building, reducing the school’s carbon footprint and contributing to the Year 1 transformation project.

Applications will reopen in September 2022, please check back then for more information

How will SBM Consult help you progress your career journey?

If you are looking to acquire experience, SBM Consult will allow you to work on a real-life consultancy project and gain valuable skills and experience. You may also find SBM Consult valuable if you are still exploring your career options, as the project will allow you to gain insight into your strengths, skills and career preferences.

Who can become an SBM Consultant?

This programme is open to all SBM students, both undergraduate, postgraduate students and recent graduates. All SBM students can undertake SBM Consult once during their studies.

What is the commitment?

The programme will take place over 8 weeks in Semester A from October - November 2022.  You will work part-time and independently on campus. You will get paid £11.28 per hour (above London living wage) for 32 hours of project work and training. You will receive training around consultancy, project management, professional and presentation skills. You will also attend in your team project coaching meetings and a post-project debrief where you will learn how to apply this experience to future applications and interviews.

The main sessions take place on Wednesdays, with the introduction session taking place on Wednesday 12th October and the debrief session on Wednesday 30th November.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of taking part are:

  • Build and evidence all the skills that employers most look for in a recent graduate, these include:
  • Interpersonal & team working skills whilst working with a client as well as in a diverse team.
  • Using your own initiative and creativity to solve problems.
  • Developing your project management, organisation and time management skills.
  • Developing your professional communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Get paid £11.28 per hour (above London living wage) for 32 hours of project work and training
  • Receive support, training and advice on project management and consulting
  • Receive a certificate after successful completion

How can I apply?

Applications will reopen in September 2022, please check back then for more information

We strongly advise you to get your application checked by the Careers and Enterprise team before submitting it. To book an appointment, either call 020 7882 8533 or visit the Careers and Enterprise Centre located in Room WG3, Queens' Building. Appointments are available on MS Teams.

What have past SBM Consultants said?

“SBM Consult has undoubtedly made a more confident team player & presenter. It has also helped me become more aware of the consultancy as a field and a possible career opportunity I’d like to pursue. SBM Consult is by far one of the best experiences I’ve done at university.”

“Working on SBM Consult has helped me increase my confidence in voicing my ideas. I have also learn key team working and managing conflict skills.”

How can I learn more?

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at


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