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The Online Accelerator

This year QAccelerator goes online and is adapting to your needs. We are bringing you a series of webinars to help you and your business survive during these unprecendented times.

The online Accelerator is aimed mainly at QMUL students and graduates with businesses which are generating revenue (pre Covid-19) and working (almost) if not full-time on their business. 

Adapt your business in times of change

22 - 26 June 2020

A female student  standing speaking to an audience with a computer screen in front of her

Find out about switching from growth to surviving mindset and to focus on solutions that can sustain your business. Register your place here

Find out how to adapt and prioritize your goals to be effective in the current situation. Book your place here 

Find out how you can communicate effectively with your audience to position your brand in the right way. Book your place here

Find out how to re-explore your value proposition and the key elements that are involved to refine it to make your brand or product relevant in this new climate. Book your place here

Covid-19 has sent businesses of all sizes into survival mode. If cash flow wasn't the priority before, it is now. Register here to get constructive tips that you can action straight away to get a grip on your cashflow