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Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations

Cultural Transfer / Drama

Cultural Transfers | Drama | Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations

Convenor: Dr Robert Gillett

The Cultural Transfer Section of the CAGCR facilitates lectures, colloquia and workshops on all aspects of presenting the culture of one country in the context of the other.

The sorts of research topics covered by this component of the CAGCR include the following:

  • Collaboration, influence and distinctive traditions in the production and reception of plays, art, film etc, in the two countries
  • The institutions involved in the mediation of one culture to another
  • Considerations governing the availability of texts within and across the two cultures
  • Theoretical approaches to the study of culture, including the relationship between ‘Kulturwissenschaft’ and ‘Cultural Studies’


For events organised by the Cultural Transfer Section, please see the Centre's archive of events, and the current events page.


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