School of Business and Management

Dr Yvonne Blokland


Behaviourial Lab Manager and Post-Doctoral Assistant

Telephone: +44 (0) 207 882 6050
Room Number: Bancroft Building 4.26


Yvonne is the manager of the School's Behavioural Lab, and a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant. She has a background in Cognitive Science and Neuroscience and a broad interest in cognition, behaviour, technology and sustainability. Her research at SBM focusses on pro-environmental behaviour in the workplace. 

 Her responsibilities as Behavioural Lab Manager include:

  • Overseeing the day to day set-up, maintenance and smooth running of the Behavioural Laboratory
  • Giving support and technical advice to staff and students regarding the use of equipment and software, research design, analysis and interpretation of results
  • Liaising with participants
  • Ensuring all research in the laboratory complies with regulations regarding health and safety, ethics and data protection




Journal papers 

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  • R.S. Schaefer, J. Farquhar, Y. Blokland, M. Sadakata & P. Desain (2011). Name that tune: Decoding music from the listening brain. NeuroImage, 56, 843-849. 


Conference papers 

  • Y. Blokland, L. Spyrou, J. Bruhn & J. Farquhar. (2016). Why BCI researchers should focus on attempted, not imagined movement. International Brain-Computer Interface Meeting, Asilomar, California USA. 
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