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Chandres Tejura


Lecturer in Accounting

Telephone: +44(0) 207 882 2952
Room Number: Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus, Room 3.44F


Student drop-in and feedback hours:
Monday 11:00 am - 1:00 pm 

Programme Director Business Management BSc 
International Foundation Programme and Pre-Masters Coordinator

Chandres is a Lecturer in Accounting Queen Mary University of London. Before joining QMUL, Chandres held the position of Senior Lecturer in Management Accounting and led two courses at London Metropolitan University, over a fourteen year tenure.

He is also a part-time PhD student, under the supervision of Dr. Akinwande and Dr. Girardi. His PhD area centres on Accounting and Ethics. In 2002, he successfully accomplished an MSc Financial Management, Middlesex University. He also holds a PGCE from The Institute of Education, University of London and in 2015 gained recognition as a lecturer by being awarded the Senior Fellowship from the Higher Education Academy.

His research area is tied-in to his passion for Accounting and Ethics, more specifically, the role of Ethics in Accounting Education and Training. In 2015, with Dr. Girardi, they published a chapter in ‘Development- Orientated Corporate Social Responsibility: Volume 2’.

Chandres is a member of the Member of British Accounting and Finance Association, Centre for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development, Net Impact, Association of International Accountants, Social Responsibility Review Network, British Accounting Association Academic membership and regular attendee of Management Accounting Research Group and British Academy of Management.

Outside work, he is a keen tennis player and enjoys travelling.

Undergraduate Teaching


Research Interests:

Chandres pursues two main areas of research, both stem from the 2007/08 financial crisis:

1. PhD area: Is Accounting education/training overly focused on profit and wealth maximisation at the expense of ethics, if so, what are the ramifications for society?

Here, Chandres is currently exploring the dynamics of accounting and its relationship with society. In particular he is focused on the perception of academics and recent graduates, within Transformative Learning Theory conceptual framework.

2. In relation to the above, Chandres has been keen to explore CSR, Accounting and Higher Education. In 2015, this resulted producing a book chapter with one of his PhD supervisor’s titled: 'Accounting education and CSR in developing countries – the case of India.'


  • Co-wrote CIMA paper 9: Management Accounting for Decision Making, Foulks Lynch Publications- 2002
  • Drury, C.: Management and Cost Accounting. Technical reader and evaluator for 4th and 5th edition
  • Horngren et al.: Management and Cost Accounting. Technical reader.
  • Contributed to three chapters (editing and content analysis) in: ‘E-Business and E-Commerce Management’, Chaffey, D, 2004.
  • ‘Divided we stand, United we fall: The inter-relationship between management accounting and marketing.’ American Academy of Accounting and Finance, conference paper, 2005, New Orleans.
  • Managing, engaging and networking with students via Facebook.’ Published in Financial Management, CIMA, June, 2009
  • Technical reader and editor of five chapters of Managerial Accounting by Balakrishnan, Sivaramakrishnan and Sprinkle, John Wiley, 2010.
  • Technical reader and editor five chapters of Management Accounting by J. Burns et al, Jan 2013, McGraw-Hill.
  • Contributed to entries in the ‘Dictionary of Corporate Social Responsibility’ S. Idowu, 2014, Springer.
  • Chapter titled 'Accounting education and CSR in developing countries – the case of India.' This is a joint chapter written with Dr. Girardi. Book: 'Development-Oriented Corporate Social Responsibility: Locally-led Initiatives in Developing Economies.' Editors: Jamali, Karam and Blowfield. Greenleaf Publishing, 2015