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School of Business and Management

Dr Samuel Tang


Postdoctoral Fellow in Environmental Regulation and Innovation

Room Number: Room 3.13, Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus
Office Hours: Wednesday, 10am-12pm


Dr Tang specialises in research looking at sustainability issues, corporate environmental management, climate change regulation and policy, and the science-policy interface. His Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) funded PhD at King’s College London investigated the effects of climate change regulation on the business performance and management of multinational corporations.

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Research Interests:

  • Sustainability
  • Corporate environmental management
  • Climate change and environmental regulation and policy
  • Science-policy interface

Dr Tang's research crosses strategy, organisational theory and science and technology studies, focusing on sustainability issues. He examines the environmental and sustainability strategies of organisations (public, private and third sector) and how these are developed in response to regulatory, social and competitive pressures.

Current research explores corporate water strategies of large companies, with a particular emphasis on the interaction between symbolic and substantive action. It examines the evolution of how companies use different justification strategies (e.g., greenwashing, strategic silence, vocal green, silent browns) to support over- or under-disclosure of water performance.

Previously, Dr Tang investigated the ways in which multinational corporations are responding to mandatory and voluntary climate change reporting requirements. The research analysed corporate climate reporting practices and discussed what they actually meant for business performance and management of climate change.  


Journal articles

  • Liu, F., Demeritt, D., and Tang, S. 2018. Accounting for Sustainability in Asia: Stock Market Regulation and Reporting in Hong Kong and Singapore. Economic Geography, Accepted.
  • Tang, S., and Demeritt, D. 2018 Climate Change and Mandatory Carbon Reporting: Impacts on Business Process and Performance. Business Strategy and the Environment, 27(4): 437-455. doi: 10.1002/bse.1985.
  • Tang, S. and Dessai, S. Usable Science? The UK Climate Projections 2009 and Decision Support for Adaptation Planning. Weather, Climate and Society, 4(4): 300-313.

Conference papers

  • Tang, S. 2018. “Corporate Climate Adaptation Reporting: A Pathway to Adaptive Capacity”. Academy of Management, Annual Meeting 2018, Chicago, USA. Aug 10-14.
  • Liu, F., Demeritt, D., and Tang, S. 2018. “Sustainability or publicity? A study of non-financial reporting regulations in Hong Kong and Singapore”. Association of American Geographers, Annual Meeting 2018, New Orleans, LA, USA. Apr 10-14.
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  • Tang, S. 2017. “Business Responses to the ‘Adaptation Reporting Power’: Rationales, Practices and Impacts”. European Group of Organizational Studies, 33rd EGOS Colloquium, Copenhagen, Denmark. Jul 6-8.
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  • Tang, S. 2012. “The Role of Knowledge Brokers in Promoting Climate Change Adaptation”. Improving the Communication and Use of Early Warnings of Severe Weather Hazards, King’s College London, UK. May 4.
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