School of Business and Management

Dr Suki Sian


Head of Department of Accounting and Financial Management

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 5614
Room Number: Mile End, Bancroft Building, 4.13D



Head of Department of Accounting and Financial Management 

Director of the Accounting & Accountability Research Group (AARG) 


Research Interests:

My research interests include accounting history, professionalisation and imperialism. I am the joint-editor of “Accountancy and Empire: The Legacy of British Professional Organisation” (Routledge). My research has focused on aspects of exclusion from professional accountancy on the basis of race, class and gender. I also have an interest in international accounting and have led international research projects on financial reporting by small businesses on behalf of both IFAC and UNCTAD. I am a member of the ICAEW and a member of the Academy of Accounting Historians.



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Sian, S.
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• Sian, S. (2006). Patterns of prejudice: Social exclusion and racial demarcation in professional accountancy in Kenya. Winner of the Academy of Accounting Historians, Vangermeersch Manuscript Award, 2006.


Current Doctoral Students

First Supervisor: 

  • Zuhur Alsaidy, 'The Saudi Arabia 2030 Vision and Institutional resistance to policy paradigm: The Case of ImplementingIFRS among listed companies and SME’s.'
  • Aigerin Umbetbayeva, 'Financial reporting framework in a developing world: opportunities and challenges of IFRS adoption in Kazakhstan'

Second supervisor: 

  • Anne Gichuru-Ogweno, 'Gender, race and ethnicity inequalities in accountancy: The experiences of women accountants in Kenya'

Supervision Topics:

  • Professionalisation
  • Accounting History
  • Gender Equality in Accountancy
  • Financial reporting for SMEs
  • International accounting