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Ravshonbek Otojanov


Associate Lecturer in Applied Economics and Policy

Room Number: Room number: 4.24, Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus


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Wednesday 10-11am, Friday 3-4pm


Ravshonbek Otojanov is an Associate Lecturer in Applied Economics and Policy at the School of Business and Management. He holds PhD in Economics from the School of Economics and Finance, Queen Mary University of London and MSc in Accounting and Finance with Distinction from London Metropolitan University.

Ravshonbek’s current research, based on his doctoral work, empirically examines the competing theories of the Industrial Revolution and the existence of induced technical change. In particular, he focuses on the role of the transition from biomass to coal, factor induced technical change and technological progress in the early industrialisation of Britain.

Ravshonbek’s broader research interests are in the empirical study of long run economic growth and development, the economics of energy transitions and the economics of the Industrial Revolution.

Over the past six years, Ravshonbek held teaching positions at Queen Mary University of London, Richmond, the American International University in London, Hult International University, University of Wales: TSD, and London Metropolitan University. He has taught both postgraduate and undergraduate modules in Economics, Econometrics, Quantitative Methods and Finance


Teaching (modules):

BUS137 Economics for Business Management

BUSM022 the Global Economy

BUS135 Quantitative Analysis for Business




Working Papers:

  • “Energy, Scientific Innovations and the Industrial Revolution” (joint with Roger Fouquet)
  • “The British Industrial Revolution: Factor Prices and Induced Technical Change” (joint with Roger Fouquet and Rachel Male)
  • “Long Run Effects of Energy Technologies on Economic Development: Evidence from Four Centuries of British Data” (joint with Roger Fouquet)


Resting Papers:

  • “Energy consumption and Economic Growth in BRIC: Evidence from bootstrap-corrected Granger causality and panel data models”
  • “Challenging Hubbert with Asymmetric Curves: Implications of Modelling Oil Production with Non-Symmetric Density Curves” (joint with Vlasios Voudouris)


Chapter contributions:

  • “Sustainable Primary Energy Production in Scenarios”, in Encyclopaedia of Corporate Social Responsibility, edited by D. Quinones and N. Capaldi, Heidelberg: Springer, 2010