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Yumeng Zhang

 Yumeng Zhang


Tel: +44 (0)20 7882 8570
Location: Mile End, Bancroft Building

1st Supervisor: Professor Stephan Henneberg
2nd Supervisor: Dr Nima Heirati and Dr Alexander Leischnig

Project Title:

Dark side effect contagion

Project Description:

Successful business-to-business exchanges allow well-performing business relationships from the bright side, i.e. benefits and desirable outcomes derive from strong and close relationships (Palmatier et al., 2006).

From the dark side, however, strong and close relationships are not always synonymous with well-performing relationships (Anderson & Jap, 2005) because benefits of business relationships are diminishing overtime (Grayson & Ambler, 1999).

Prior research on dark side effects in business relationships has most commonly adopted a dyadic perspective, which presupposes that a business relationship relates to the interactions and relational characteristics of the two relationship partners (Anderson et al., 1994).

However, a dyadic perspective cannot capture such holistic aspects of the dark side effect of business relationships, which can be problematic as it neglects possible dark side effects on relationship portfolio or even business network levels. In line with the more interdependent marketing environments (Möller et al., 2005; Zaheer et al., 2010), this research aims to investigate the dark side of close business relationships from an interactive (network) perspective in order to identify the contagiousness of dark side effects and capture possible multi-level interactions of the dark side across business relationships.



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