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Yumeng Zhang

 Yumeng Zhang


Project title

Dark side effect contagion

Project description

Business relationships are often a source of benefits for firms, but they can tip and unleash detrimental effects that diminish or even destroy relationship performance. This research project focuses on such dark side of business relationships and extends current understanding of dark side effects from a relationship portfolio and network perspective. A series of studies (including conceptual development, qualitative exploration, and quantitative examination) are conducted to articulate a concept of dark side effect contagion, advancing the understanding of how the dark side in one business relationship can influence other business relationships.


1st Supervisor: Professor Stephan Henneberg
2nd Supervisor: Dr Nima Heirati and Dr Alexander Leischnig


Yumeng Zhang is a PhD candidate in Marketing at School of Business and Management, Queen Mary, University of London. Her current research focuses on relationship marketing and relationship network. She serves as a reviewer for some leading business management journals.


  • Y Zhang, B Hezarkhani. Competition in dual-channel supply chains: The manufacturers' channel selection. European Journal of Operational Research. Forthcoming 2020.
  • L Zhu, X Ren, C Lee, Y Zhang. Coordination contracts in a dual-channel supply chain with a risk-averse retailer. Sustainability. 2017, 9, 2148.
  • Conference - Y Zhang, S Henneberg, N Heirati, A Leischnig. Dark side effect contagion. The 48th Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy (EMAC), 2019, Hamburg, Germany.
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