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Sabeen Ahmad

 Sabeen Ahmad


Project title

Contextualizing diversity; a study of transnational transfer of diversity management practices to subsidiaries of multinational organizations in Pakistan.

Project description

Considering context specific institutional environment key in the translation of diversity management practices from global headquarters to foreign subsidiaries, this research study presents a theoretically driven multilevel framework explicating contextual framing of how diversity management practices are translated in foreign subsidiaries of global organizations in Pakistan.


1st Supervisor: Dr Ahu Tatli
2nd Supervisor: Dr Mustafa Ozturk


Ms Sabeen Imran Ahmad is PhD candidate at Queen Mary, University of London. Her research study focuses on studying transnational transfer of diversity management practices in context of global organizations. Before joining PhD program at Queen Mary, Sabeen has completed her MPhil degree from Pakistan and was awarded gold medal for her outstanding academic performance. Her research interests include diversity management and international human resource management.