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School of Business and Management

Saad Aftab

 Saad Aftab


Project title

Bank-Firm Linkage: The effects on the stability of firms due to relationships with different types of banks.

Project description

My PhD project looks at Bank-firm relationships to ascertain firm risk levels with respect to their linkages with different types of banks. Research from European countries shows that firms borrowing from distressed banks are more likely to fail. Accordingly, this research will explore the stability of firms with concentrated or diverse bank relationships, different ownership structures, diverging levels of political interconnectedness and the effect of relationships of firms with under-performing banks. Moreover, the impact of distinct policies on firm/bank stability in different institutional contexts will also be explored. An analysis of emerging market economies like China and India will be conducted. Finally, the study will move on to investigating similar trends in the USA.


1st Supervisor: Professor Sushanta Mallick
2nd Supervisor: Professor Roman Matousek


Graduating in accounting and finance from Lahore University and Management Sciences, I started my career as a professional teacher and an entrepreneur. Teaching has always been a part of my life since my school years, so it was inevitable to opt for teaching as a profession. Moreover, my research interests started developing during my undergraduate years looking at the effects of the recent financial crisis of 2008. Since then I have always wanted to explore financial regulation, bank-firm relationships, alternate financial systems (Islamic finance), risk levels and stability, of banks and firms to curb future financial crises. Accordingly, to fulfil my ambitions, I came to Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) for a MSc in International Financial Management. This program enabled me to learn quantitative research techniques and provided a more in-depth analysis of the risks prevalent in the economy. I never looked back and have recently begun my PhD at QMUL.