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Saad Aftab

 Saad Aftab


Project title

The impact of shadow banking products on firm and bank performance in China

Project description

My PhD aims to ascertain the impact of shadow banking products on firm and bank performance. I aim to determine the types of firms that obtain loans from these non-bank institutions, as well as the impact they have on firm risk, productivity, and real impact in terms of investment and employment. I also investigate whether shadow banking products cause banks to lend more to under-performing firms, leading to increased risk levels at firm and bank level. Increased bank liquidity due to the proliferation of shadow products could lead to moral hazard problems when making bank lending decisions.

Conference presentations

‘A Firm’s First Shadow Loan: Its Causal Impact on Distress and Productivity’ (with Professor Sushanta Mallick and Professor Roman Matousek), presented at: the Royal Economic Society Annual Conference 2022 (virtual conference, April 2022), Centre for Globalization Research (virtual seminar, April 2022), at the European Economics and Finance Society Annual Conference 2022 (Krakow University of Economics Poland), and at the International Association for Applied Econometrics Annual Conference 2022 (King’s College London, June 2022).


1st Supervisor: Professor Sushanta Mallick
2nd Supervisor: 
Professor Roman Matousek

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