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Rym Mouelhi

 Rym Mouelhi


Project title

The determinants of Corporate Social Responsibility in Developing countries compared to Developed countries: A comparative study between Tunisia, France and the United Kingdom

Project description

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies and measures to the economic society is of particular interest to stakeholders and mainly to investors. Understanding the standpoint of CSR strategies affect the long-term strategy of the firm. While various recommendations for ‘good’ behaviour, ‘how’ and ‘why’ to achieve it have been recommended in the theoretical literature, understanding the mechanism through which CSR policy operates is critical to achieving the goals of CSR, namely good corporate governance, and ethical behaviour to gain stakeholders trust and consequently increase financial performance.

The structure of North African countries, especially Tunisia, offers exceptional challenges to the study of CSR. A developing economy, challenged by high political and social volatility, along with a series of changes in corporate law policies may prevent these investment strategies from performing in the same manner as in more developed and stable market.

This project discusses the evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility in the extraction sector within the Tunisian institutional configuration throughout time and attempts to discover how institutional change has taken place compared to France and the UK. The aim of this study is to examine the institutional and ethnographic drivers and the key actors that have shaped and driven the structure and direction of Corporate Social Responsibility in the three countries. What the study will achieve is to extend the available literature on the MENA region, and specifically Tunisia, on how CSR is understood, implemented and translated into business practices, with an aim to propose an amendment to the Tunisian legal system. This research is necessary because I believe by investing in CSR, companies have a strong hand in impacting local communities and the environment. This will help to identify factors and constraints which are unique to the Tunisian context, and also which may be replicable/preventable elsewhere especially in the MENA region.


1st Supervisor: Professor Nelarine Cornlieus
2nd Supervisor: Dr Min Yan


Valedictorian of my high school in 2011 with baccalaureate of experimental science, I

graduated summer 2014 from IHEC Carthage Tunisia and holder of an applied bachelor’s degree in accountancy with distinction. In 2015, I decided to move to London to pursue my studies for ACCA qualification (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) in parallel with my master and qualified as a certified chartered accountant in June 2017. I am specialised in advanced UK taxation and advanced financial performance and management. In September 2016, I started my MSc in Management at Queen Mary University of London. I have dedicated my master dissertation to the study of corporate social strategy (CSR) where I graduated with a distinction for both my exams and dissertation.

Currently, I am on my 3rd year of PhD working on my data collection and empirical chapters while I work part time as a Teaching Associate for the School of Business and Management.


BUS106: Accounting for Business

BUS139: Introduction to Financial Accounting

BUSM095: Social and Political Marketing

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