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Rui Guo

 Rui Guo


Project title

The Role of Regional Technological Collaboration and Thresholds in Absorbing Knowledge Spillovers from Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from China.

Project description

This project aims to explore and identify the specific role and thresholds of regional technological collaborations in absorbing foreign knowledge spillovers in Chinese regions. More specifically, it addresses three interrelated hypotheses relationships:

1. How does regional technological collaboration moderate the process of knowledge spillovers from foreign direct investment and influence China’s regional innovation?

2. How do nearby regions improve their innovation by collaborating with the host regions?

3. What are the thresholds for knowledge spillovers from foreign direct investment to exhibit positive effects?


1st Supervisor: Professor Lutao Ning
2nd Supervisor: Professor Sushanta Mallick


I am currently a third year PhD candidate in Business and Management at Queen Mary University of London. My research interests are in International business, Innovation and Corporate governance. My supervisors are Prof. Lutao Ning and Prof. Sushanta Mallick.

I received the master and bachelor degrees in Economics from Renmin University of China. I also held a Master of Arts in Economics from Kyushu University (Japan).


  • Dongyang Zhang, Rui Guo*. (2020). The Consumption Response to Household Leverage in China: The Role of Investment at Household level. International Review of Financial Analysis, vol 71, 101580
  • Huaying Wei, Rui Guo*, Honghao Sun, Nan Wang. (2020). Household Leverage and Education Expenditure: The Role of Household Investment. Finance Research Letters, Accepted
  • Hua Cheng, Rui Guo*. (2020). Risk Preference of the Investors and the Risk of Peer-to-Peer Lending Platform. Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, vol 56(7), 1520-1531
  • Qunxi Kong, Rui Guo, Yang Wang, Xiuping Sui, Shimin Zhou*. (2020). Home Country Environment and Firms' Outward Foreign Direct Investment Decisions: Evidence from Chinese Firms. Economic Modelling, vol 85, 390-399

Conference papers

  • How Does Diversity in Employee Composition and R&D Structure Facilitate FDI Knowledge Spillovers? A Dynamic Threshold Perspective. Academy of Management Annual Proceedings 2020
  • Returnee Entry Speed, Irregularity and FDI Knowledge Spillovers: Evidence from Chinese High-tech Firms. British Academy of Management Annual Proceedings 2019
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