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Omolola O. Olaleye

 Omolola O. Olaleye


Project title

Apprenticeships: Breaking Down Barriers for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Youth?

Project description

Lola’s research explores the lived experiences of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic youth in accessing apprenticeships, and their workplace experience during their training period. The research aims to understand the barriers and opportunities for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic youth in apprenticeships. There is currently very limited research on the apprenticeship experiences of minority ethnic individuals who are significantly underrepresented in apprenticeships. My research seeks to explore how gender, class and racial inequalities (Acker, 2006) affect uptake, training and progression upon completion of an apprenticeship


1st Supervisor: Professor Gill Kirton
2nd Supervisor: Dr Elena Doldor


Lola is a doctoral candidate at Queen Mary, University of London. Prior to her doctoral studies, she worked in HR at a non-profit organisation. She holds a Master’s in International Employment Relations & Human Resource Management from the London School of Economics and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Queen Mary, University of London.

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