School of Business and Management

Omolola O. Olaleye


Tel: +44 (0)20 7882 8570
Location: Mile End, Bancroft Building, Room 4.23

1st Supervisor: Prof Gill Kirton
2nd Supervisor: Dr Elena Doldor

Project Title:

"Apprenticeships in the Contemporary Era: Gender, Race and Class Implications"

Project Description:

The British Government aims to create 3 million apprenticeships by 2020, and to increase representation of those from minority backgrounds by 20%. In light of this, my research seeks to capture the ‘lived experiences’ of modern day apprentices and explore how gender, class and racial inequalities (Acker, 2006) affect uptake, training and progression upon completion of an apprenticeship.

Upon completion of my research, it is hoped that the following contributions emerge:

  • A deeper insight into the factors that influence attractiveness and uptake of apprenticeships among young people of varying backgrounds.
  • A better understanding of the lived experiences of apprentices and how the intersection of gender, race and class affect the experiences of women and BAME apprentices.
  • An identification of workplace challenges such as gender/ethnic pay penalty that may be unique to apprentices, in the hope that organisations, policy makers and trade unions in particular are better informed on the needs of apprentices and able to implement policies to address these challenges.