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Nadia Ahmed

 Nadia Ahmed


Tel: +44 (0)20 7882 8570
Location: Mile End, Bancroft Building, Room 4.23

1st Supervisor: Dr Hazel Conley
2nd Supervisor: Professor Mike Noon

Project Title: 

"Is the ivory tower wheelchair accessible?"

Project Description: 

This research topic is dear to me because I am a disabled student, struggling to achieve a career as an academic. The transition to become an academic for a disabled student becomes problematic due to many political, social and physical aspects. 

Jacobs (2010) has suggested that disabled students’ life is now mostly accessible, however becoming trained as an academic and getting employment remains difficult. I am attempting to find ways to respond to the political necessity of pursuing an education as a disabled student, and then the transition to professional academic for those who chose this career path.  

For this purpose I shall be investigating policies, practices, legislation and face to face interactions with students as well as academics. Simultaneously my research shall aim for something in addition; a perspective on the 'emancipation' of disabled researchers, which has not been investigated (Titchkosky, 2011). Thinking differently creates new and innovative ideas (Diprose, 2002) and hopefully this can also be explored through my research.