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Mursheda Begum

 Mursheda Begum


Tel: +44 (0)20 7882 8570
Location: Mile End, Bancroft Building

1st Supervisor: Dr Grant Lewison
2nd Supervisor: Dr Doyin Atewologun

Project Title:

"Profiling UK regulated professions by ethnicity and sex, and ways to improve their representativeness"

Project Description: 

There are several regulated professions in the UK and they make important economic and social contributions to the nation. Minority groups may face disadvantages in entering or advancing within them. Some professions are working to address these problems and have the added benefit of recruitment from a wider pool of talent which may raise professional standards.

The overall aims of this project are two-fold: to create a profile of diversity, in terms of ethnicity and sex, and changes over time, of members within selected professions; and to offer evidence-based recommendations for improvement. The choice and number of professions to be studied will be informed inter alia by a literature review, the cooperation of their administrators, the availability of data, and their national importance. Ethnicity and sex diversity will be measured within individual professions so as to identify leaders and laggards.

These findings will be put into context with two analyses. First, policies that have been used to promote diversity will be identified and evaluated. Second, sources of support for, or barriers to the advancement of, disadvantaged groups will be explored through personal interviews. The results of these, in consultation with relevant professional bodies, will then inform a large-scale survey of members of these professions, to reveal which factors have been the most important for their careers.


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