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Monica Ronniza Majumdar

 Monica Ronniza Majumdar


Project description

Monica’s research study aims to address the question: How do skin-lightening advertisements work in relation to the broader system of meanings? By using the 'lens' of the skin-lightening phenomenon, discussions will be led on exploring how identity is reproduced and how the subjectivity of women manifests itself. Her analysis will draw on the lived experiences and narratives of British Bangladeshi women and their social construction and social identities within a visual landscape.


1st Supervisor: Dr Yasmin Ibrahim
2nd Supervisor: Dr Amit Rai


Monica Ronniza Majumdar is a PhD student from the Business and Management school. She is currently the Marketing & Creative Manager for Retail Marketing Group and has worked within the marketing field at Oxford Brookes University, Bicester Village and Oxford University Press. She received her Bsc in Business and a ‘First’ in MSc Business Management (Marketing) from Oxford Brookes University. Her MSc focused on colourism and body identity which was later published by Shades of Noir in ‘Biological Pigment Bias: Perspectives on Colourism’. She is also a Facilitator for Oxford Against Cutting, with expertise in Honour Based Abuse, Body Image and Social Media.


  • Majumdar, M. (2020) ‘The Twisted Fairy Tale Behind How Light- Skinned Girls are ‘Trending’ in Ibrahim, Y.I (1st Ed) Handbook of Research on Recent Developments in Internet Activism and Political Participation. IGI Global. USA. pp 139 – 153.


  • Panel: Visual Communication at Visual Methodology Conference (Bucharest, Romania) IVMC6: Crafting a visual plot – epic images of mundane stories
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