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School of Business and Management

Li Dai

 Li Dai


Tel: +44 (0)7759 799761
Location: Mile End, Bancroft Building

1st Supervisor: Dr Martha Prevezer
2nd Supervisor: Professor Pedro Martins

Title of Project:

"An Empirical Study of the Return to Education in the Case of China"

Project Description:

The study was inspired by Professor Pedro Martins’s research in the labour market and education sector, with special attention paid to the regional migrating workers, as suggested by Dr Martha Prevezer. The study is aligned with prevailing public interest in the returns to education.

The study contributes to existing research by analysing and comparing the returns to education of two different educational pathways, namely general and vocational education. Taken into consideration of the fact that the returns to education are heavily influenced by personal characteristics, the study analyses the labour market performance of two distinguished cohorts of rural-to-urban migrates and urban residents, whom are reported  to possess different characteristics.

If well conducted, it is hoped the study provides useful implications to the policy makers to efficiently allocate resources between general and vocational education and offers suggestions to workers of different cohorts on educational investment.