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Lei Yang

 Lei Yang


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Location: Mile End, Bancroft Building, Room 4.23

1st Supervisor: Dr Danae Manika
2nd Supervisor: Professor Frances Bowen
3rd Supervisor: Dr Andromachi Athanasopoulou

Project Title:

"Symbolic environmental behaviours in both organisational and employee levels"

Project Description:

Previous researchers have paid much attention to the analysis of motives of organisations’ pro-environmental behaviours (PEB). One of the most applied framework that investigates motives in an organisational setting is the Bansal and Roth’s model of ecological responsiveness (Bansal & Roth, 2000). However, a large body of research that has recently emerged in literature and practice shows that organisations do not substantially perform PEBs, with some being exposed by others (e.g., external individuals or organisations) to being involved with symbolism environmental-related activities (e.g., greenwashing) for legitimization or competitiveness reasons. In terms of the PEB literature at the individual level, scholars have largely analysed PEB via social psychological models. The symbolic motive is also the latest development in the environmental psychology literature. However, there is little attention given to the symbolic factor underlying individual PEBs in the workplace context even though symbolism can shape the way employees consume and behave in their organizations.

Even though both organisational and individual levels related research of PEB have recognised the existence of symbolism embedded in ecological activities, scholars have not yet examined how symbolic reasons for PEB can be classified and examined through an integrated multi-level perspective. Multi-level frameworks can specify relationships among theoretical constructs at different levels (Randel, 2002). This should be of benefit for researchers and practitioners to advance understandings of symbolic PEB by exploring the commonalities and differences of the two levels. To respond the aforementioned research gap, my PhD research aims to adapt and extend the Bansal and Roth’s model of organizational motives to PEB into a multi-level framework in the sense of explaining symbolic PEB in both organisational and employee levels.