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School of Business and Management

Lan Lu

 Lan Lu


Project title: The impact of China's increasing work overtime problem on Chinese employees

Project description:
My research focuses on analyzing the impact of work overtime on Chinese employees through the secondary databases. For employees' research, this can discover the unequal treatment in the workplace, and therefore protect their rights and benefits. From the perspective of enterprises, solving the problem of overtime can improve the satisfaction of employees to the company, which results is to improve the efficiency of employees and expand the enterprises' profits. From the social point of view, this study establishes many reputable enterprises to promote the stability of social security and provides solutions to the problem of supply and demand balance in the labor market.


1st Supervisor: Prof Mark Williams
2nd Supervisor: Dr Maria Koumenta


I am a PhD student in the Department of People and Organisations and the Centre for Research in Equality and Diversity (CRED) in the School of Business and Management. In addition, I am awarded the QMUL Principal's Studentship, at Queen Mary University of London.

I hold a Master’s degree with Distinction in Wealth Management from the Queen Mary University of London and a Bachelor’s degree with the Excellent Undergraduate in Business Administration from the North China University of Technology.


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