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Eranjan Padumadasa

 Eranjan Padumadasa


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1st Supervisor: Professor Geraldine Healy
2nd Supervisor: Professor Valsamis Mitsilegas

Project Title: “Key to Our Privacy: The Role of Consent in Data Protection Law”

Project Description: Technology development and the internet has posed a threat to individual privacy from the point of information. However, individuals are able to control the information through a set of rights that prevent the access, use and disclosure of personal information. It is believed that even the well-informed and rational individuals cannot appropriately self- manage their privacy, with the said controls, mainly due to poor decision making ability in deciding to consent to the use, access and disclosure of information. Organizations have also created an illusion of choice, making the consent even more meaningless.

Despite its importance in data protection and privacy aspect, consent is understudied and can be identified as an under-theorized concept. There is also a scarcity in studies that explore the concept of consent to understand what it entails and develop a more comprehensive coherent approach towards it. The current concept of consent is binary in nature; agree or disagree. However, it is far more nuanced and changes based on the context. Case law identifies inconsistencies in application of consent making it evident that the applicability of consent varies depending on the situation and context.

It is also evident that a lacuna is within the legal literature and research, which can be filled by further research in to the concept of consent in the context of data protection especially in the domain of e-communication and media technologies, with all its complexities as a concept under continuous evolution.

This research intends to explore the notion of consent and the decision making leading to consent and the disclosure of information with the aim of identifying nuances of consent with the intention of improving the current approach in privacy management of personal information.