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Emily Pfefer

 Emily Pfefer


Tel:  +44 (0)20 7882 8570
Location: Mile End, Bancroft Building

1st Supervisor:  Professor Geraldine Healy
2nd Supervisor: Dr Rainbow Murray

Project Title: 

"The Cloak of Silence: A Critical Analysis of the Relationship between the Culture of Pay Secrecy and the Gender Pay Gap in UK Higher Education"

Project Description:

The Conservative government is currently finalising regulations to require large companies to report on their gender wage gaps. This policy has been a long time in development and faces criticism from labour and women’s advocates for not going far enough to address pervasive secrecy around wages in the UK. I aim to research the pervasive culture of wage secrecy and its relationship with the gender pay gap, using an organisational level intersectional lens based on Joan Acker’s (2006) Inequality Regimes. My specific area of focus will be on academic employees in UK higher education. My planned mix methods approach may include: secondary analysis of the Labour Force Survey, an original Qualitrics survey of academic staff, and semi-structured qualitative interviews of academic staff and those who shape the pay policies under which they are employed.