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Duncan John Reynolds

 Duncan John Reynolds


Tel: +44 (0)20 7882 8570
Location: Mile End, Bancroft Building

1st Supervisor: Maxine Robertson
2nd Supervisor: Manuela Perrotta

Project Title: 

"Accelerating Translational Research in Primary Care: An East London Case Study and Beyond"

Project Description:

This study aims to understand the key factors and processes that promote patient and clinician engagement in clinical trials, with a specific focus on East London. This will lead to a greater understanding of how to run successful clinical trials, so that their results can produce a tangible health benefit to a local population.

This research is necessary because enrolment, patient engagement, and post-trial implementation of study results into routine care are all recurrent problems in the UK. An East London focus shall be taken because the HEART Centre within the William Harvey Research Institute was not only the highest recruiting centre in the landmark ASCOT, recruiting 1,157 of the 19,000 patients, but has recently completed a 10-year complex, health services research intervention trial referred to as HiLo. HiLo aims to translate the ASCOT impact on blood pressure and cholesterol control directly to patients in primary care at the practice and population level. As a result, Tower Hamlets has since gone from worst-to-best for QoF (Quality and outcome Framework) performance of blood pressure and cholesterol.


Ethnographic methods, and semi-structured interviews shall be used to gain an in-depth knowledge of the HEART centre’s processes and organisation to help inform this study.