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School of Business and Management

Danula Daksith Gamage Kanakanam Gamage

 Danula Daksith Gamage Kanakanam Gamage


Tel: +44 (0)20 7882 xxxx
Location: Mile End, Bancroft Building, Room 4.23

1st Supervisor: Professor Almudena Seville
2nd Supervisor: Professor Pedro Martins

Project Title:

"Active Labour Market Policies Targetting Disadvantage groups: Is it effective? Evidence from the United Kingdom"

Project Description

Danula holds a degree in Economics from the University of Surrey and a Masters in Economics from Queen Mary University of London. Having worked at Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) within the European Social Fund Evaluation team, Danula showed an interest toward labour economics and in particularly in labour market policies in the UK. His work at DWP encouraged him to pursue a PhD in the field of labour economics. His research interest lie within economics particularly in labour and public policies with a focus on equality, diversity inclusion policies and practice and job search models.

Labour force can be considered as a driving force of a flourishing economy. In the past UK government, has invested a great deal on labour market policies. In 2011, the coalition government introduced an innovative approach towards combating unemployment among long term unemployed and other disadvantaged individual using a Quasi – Marketised Welfare- to – Work model known today as “The Work Programme”. This policy replaced several other policies.  Despite this being a major Welfare- to –Work policies in the UK, little research has been conducted. Danula, Intent to use a micro-econometric approach to evaluate the programme and its effectiveness on its participants. Further, Danula intend to explore other policies targeting similar audience within and outside the UK.