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Anushri Gupta

 Anushri Gupta


Project title

Open innovation for public value creation in smart cities.

Project description

City governments worldwide are facing unprecedented social, economic and environmental challenges due to urbanisation and climate change. In response, the integration of technology and data systems within urban environments are becoming increasingly relevant to deliver sustainable services and improve quality of life; characterising a smart city.

Though a good understanding of data-enabled smart city initiatives has gained attention, the literature has concentrated on single domain applications (waste, energy, transport and others), limiting the scope for value creation and holistic city data management. With data being the common denominator underpinning such implementations, this thesis reframes smart city management as the outcome of effective orchestration of actor interactions and capabilities in a city data ecosystem to facilitate implementation of city data initiatives.

To address the above, the thesis draws on the theoretical perspectives of dynamic capabilities and orchestration, and conducts an extensive empirical study of London’s city data ecosystem. Findings from this thesis intend to shed light on process of capability development in aggregate contexts like ecosystems and provide implications for scaling up and sustaining localised data and pilot projects.


1st Supervisor: Professor Frances Bowen
2nd Supervisor: Dr Panos Panagiotopoulos


Anushri is a final stage PhD researcher at the School of Business and Management, Queen Mary University of London. She has a background in Electronic Engineering and holds a Masters in Electronic Engineering with Business Management from King's College London. Her research interests lie at the intersection of management and emerging digital technologies. At QMUL, her PhD studies capability development in smart cities and city data infrastructure. During her PhD she was awarded the Valerie Gregg Scholarship by the Digital Government Society in 2018. Anushri is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, member of the Digital Government Research Society, Academy of Management and the British Academy of Management.


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