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Anushri Gupta

 Anushri Gupta


Tel: +44 (0)20 7882 8570
Location: Mile End, Bancroft Building, Room 4.23

1st Supervisor: Professor Frances Bowen
2nd Supervisor: Dr Panos Panagiotopoulos

Project title:

"Open innovation for public value creation in smart cities"

Project description:

My interest in the domain of Smart Cities aroused while doing my MSc in Electronic Engineering with Management at King’s College London, where my MSc project was: “Techno-economic analysis of a Smart City Smart Parking Framework”.

In my PhD thesis I am keen to research how inclusion of BOLD  (Big data-Open Linked Data) in governance can drive sustainability and thus bring opportunities for open innovation and public value creation.

Smart city is deemed to play an important role in the future of mankind.

As we realise, at all stages, governments and public services are inculcating ‘smartness’ to differentiate their policies and projects to drive economic growth, sustainable mobility besides providing an overall user-centric approach (Allwinkle & Cruickshank, 2011).

It is essential to focus on defining business model innovation and governance mechanisms. There is emphasis on the necessity for all the stakeholders to work in collaboration (and not in silos) so that the unexplored real-time data is utilized to its fullest for public value creation. Another important issue in smart cities is that of smart regulation to identify how smart data disclosures – both government-owned data and private-owned disclosures – are having enormous impacts in of many parts of economy. Accordingly, smart cities might create opportunities for new forms of smart regulation that are not being directly interventional.

As smart cities are a recent area of research by itself, value creation opportunities are immense. A qualitative research methodology would be followed to help investigate the research problem.

The relevance of research will seek practical and theoretical solutions of smart cities. This research is expected to contribute to the theory on innovation, sustainability and smart regulation by extending the existing theory to how open innovation in smart cities can contribute to maximize benefits in public value creation.

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